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As a new wife, I was inspired to start getting away from the easy box/packet/quick dinners and start really cooking for my husband. I love spending time in the kitchen, trying new recipes, and tweaking old ones. We've now been married for over 5 years & I'm happy to be able to share my adventures in the kitchen with friends & family.

Since starting this blog, my cooking has definitely improved. I'm absolutely more brave & trying new things. Also, after 5 years of Chile being an "only child", our house has grown by one. Adding another puppy to the mix continues to keep things interesting. Landon adores Chile and she is teaching him all of her good ( and bad habits ). They both love to play Sous Chef in the kitchen. Really though, they mainly just stay close to the ground waiting for me to drop something. Check out the posts with dog treats too; They are always healthy puppy treats and your dogs will thank you.

The blog covers a range of food types. When I first was learning how to cook, I was cooking very Southern... Heavy on the sauces, creams, cheese, fried etc... I've improved what we are eating over the years. Most recently, we've decided to get rid of processed foods. Everything we're cooking/eating now is free, real food. In December of 2011, we started following a primal diet. ( Basically, we're Paleo but allowing some dairy ) It's been interesting getting rid of the grains and beans. We're becoming more creative in the kitchen and our tummies are thanking us for it. :)

I hope you enjoy this blog & get some new ideas. Please don't be shy about leaving comments.

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