Port Aransas, TX... Virginia's On The Bay

We are in Port Aransas for our 2nd wedding anniversary. After a 4 hour drive down here from Austin, getting settled into our room @ the Seagull, we headed to Virginia's  for some great, fresh, seafood.

I had their Seared Flounder with Dijon-Peppercorn Sauce. It was delicious. I'd never had flounder before, but it tasted great and a nice texture to it. The Dijon-Peppercorn sauce was the perfect compliment to the fish. I see this being made at home soon.

Cancy had the Surf & Turf special. The 6 oz filet mignon was a perfect medium rare. The butterflied, grilled Tiger Shrimp was delicious as well.

We ate at Virginia's last time we were down here with Cody & Carol so we knew it would be good. This place is great. It's right on the bay and on a nice warm day, the whole dining area is open to the fresh sea air. It was chilly today so they had the dining room enclosed, but it was still a beautiful view.


  1. oh that makes me miss home. i'm from Corpus Christi and i LOVE Port A ... your blog is awesome, btw. so many good things i've tried. :)

  2. Aww.. thank you so much. I'm glad to hear that you've tried a few things. And you & I know how great teh texas coast it. :)

  3. are you or trout street having anything for new years, any fireworks in the area