Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast

I know I’ve said this before but I love Pioneer Woman’s recipes. She rocks my socks off!! Cancy wanted a pot roast this weekend and so many recipes looked exactly the same. I wanted something different, something special.


As I’m searching the internet for a dressed up unique pot roast recipe for my crockpot, I came across my answer. Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast. Please, Please check out her site. Your stomach will thank you.

Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast


Chuck Roast

Onions, carrots, button mushrooms

Salt, pepper

Beef stock, red wine

Fresh thyme, fresh rosemary (if you have it; if not, dried is fine).


Heat a large pot over medium high heat. Then add 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil.

Generously salt & pepper your chuck roast.


Cut 2 onions in half from root to tip. Then cut off the tops, cut off the bottoms, and peel off the outer layer.

When the oil in the pot is very hot but not quite smoking, add in the onions. Brown them on one side, about a minute. Flip them over and do the same to the other side. Remove the onions to a plate

Wash your baby carrots. Throw them into the same hot pan and toss them around until slightly brown, about a minute or so. Now remove the carrots to a plate.


Wash your button mushrooms and then add those to the hot pan as well. Let brown for a minute before setting on plate with onions & carrots.

Keep the heat on the pan. Make sure the meat is adequately seasoned, then set it into the hot pan and sear it on one side, about a minute. When that side is brown, flip it over to the other side. When you’ve browned it all over the place, remove to roast to a plate.

Now you’ll deglaze the pan. Start with a splash of red wine, then fill in with beef broth. After you add about 1 cup or so of liquid, stop and use your whisk to stir and scrape the bottom of the pan.


Place your browned meat to in the crockpot and add in your deglazed pan sauce. Add the onions, the carrots, and your button mushrooms. Add beef broth to this to come to the top of your vegetables.

Add about 3 or 4 fresh sprigs of Rosemary & 3 sprigs of fresh Thyme. Leave it all intact and throw it in. Be sure to submerge them in the liquid so they’ll really be able to work their magic.

Put the lid on, and then cook on low for about 6 hours.

Remove the meat to a cutting board & let rest with tin foil overtop for a few minutes before slicing.

While you’re waiting for your pot roast, prepare mashed potatoes or egg noodles. Set this on a plate and lay your sliced pot roast meat off to the side. Spoon some vegetables onto the plate. And just because you want this to be the very best pot roast it can be… be sure to spoon some of the pan juice over the meat…Yummy!!


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